What is Brave?

If you’ve been in the Blockchain/Crypto space for some time, I’m sure you’ve come across scammers who promise to make you a fortune off Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and then end up robbing you. The crypto space is full of such scammers who make a living doing what they do. Having said that, there are some genuine ways you could earn some cryptocurrency for yourself without investing a penny. Today, we’re going to teach you how to earn free cryptocurrency using one such way.


Brave is a privacy friendly web browser that blocks all ads and trackers on websites and shows you only the content for which you visit websites. This enables Brave to serve you content six times faster than a normal website.

What is Brave?
What is Brave Browser?


How to earn free cryptocurrency using Brave
How to earn free cryptocurrency using Brave?

Normal websites make money off you by serving you ads. Brave is different. Brave values your attention. When you use Brave to surf the internet, Brave pops privacy friendly ads in your notifications which you can choose to see/ignore. If you choose to see these ads, Brave rewards you with BAT (Basic Attention Token), one of the top ERC20 token projects built on Ethereum.

It is that easy. You just have to use the Internet the way you normally do on your favourite browser, and Brave will reward you with your FREE tokens at the end of every month.

Step 1: Install Brave Browser

There are two ways you could do this.

  1. Go to the Play Store/ App Store on your mobile/desktop and search for Brave. Click on the first result and install Brave.
  2. If you like the content on our website / Instagram and want to support us, use our referral link to download Brave. This will help us a lot.

Step 2: Set ads limit

After installing Brave, go to Settings -> view ads -> per hour and set it to the number of ads you want to view every hour in your notifications. For higher earnings, set it to the highest value.

Estimated Brave Earnings
Estimated Brave Earnings

Now, just use the Internet like you normally do on any browser. You will start receiving ads in your notifications. When you click and view any of these ads, you will earn some BAT. To check your monthly earnings, go to Settings -> Rewards and it will show you details of your earnings.

Notification Ads Example
Notification Ads Example

(Note: You are rewarded at the end of every month, so do not worry if you don’t see any token balance for the first month. It will add up after you finish your first month of using Brave).

Tip Creators

Another great feature of Brave is that you can reward your favourite content creators on Brave with tips. Websites that have signed up on Brave Publisher Program (like theblockchainblogger.com) can receive tips from Brave users. So, if you like our content, please leave a tip.

Check Brave Browser Balance
Tip Content Creators with Brave

Is this safe?

I know, this sounds crazy. Why would someone pay you in cryptocurrency for using a browser? It sounds crazy only because Facebook, Google and other tech giants have forced you to believe your data and attention don’t have any value. Brave is here to tell you that’s not true. Brave rewards you for your data and attention.

The CEO of the Brave Project is Brendan Eich. Brendan is the same guy who created JavaScript and co-founded The Mozilla Foundation. Does that sounds like a Resume of a scammer? Not to me. So don’t worry about using Brave.

If you liked this article and want to start using Brave, please download Brave using this link. It will help us keep the website running.

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