The Blockchain Blog is an educational blog focused at enlightening the masses about the revolutionary Blockchain Technology. Blockchain has been around for over a decade now. Yet, when you ask Joe about it, his response is “Yeah, Blockchain is Bitcoin right?”.

We’re here for Joe. Our mission is to educate Joe on Blockchain without confusing him. We want to make things easy for him.

Our Story

The Blockchain Blog started as an Instagram page back in early 2018 and soon evolved into a community of over 2500+ blockchain enthusiasts and learners from around the globe.

We’ve shared educational resources and online courses worth more than $30000+ for free to all our students through our social channels. And now, we feel it is time to make our own educational content to make things easy and affordable for our students. And here we are.

Welcome to The Blockchain Blog, the only blockchain educational blog for the students, by the students. We’re excited to have you!