How to start with Blockchain Technology: Roadmap

How to start with Blockchain Technology?

The number one question we get asked in our Instagram DMs is, “How to start with Blockchain Technology?”

If you’re someone with the same question, this guide is for you. We’re essentially compiling a Blockchain crash-course for you to understand the mechanics and working of Blockchains before you get into development. This guide will serve as an index to the crash course content.

We will start with understanding blockchain through terminologies related to Bitcoin, where it all started. Then, we will move on to the working of Ethereum and finally Ethereum Development.

Here is the complete roadmap. We will update the links as soon as new posts are up.

Roadmap to start with Blockchain

Module 1: Bitcoin and Blockchain

Module 2: Ethereum

Module 3: Ethereum Development

As you may have already figured, this is going to be a long journey for you and us both. But it’s a journey worth taking. So bookmark this page and stay with us if you want to be a blockchain developer. Let’s learn together.


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